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News & Views, The Better Bridge Teachers' Newsletter

Audrey reviews "M Train" by Patti Smith, has a telephone interview with Jane Rice, and interviews Bonnie Newton in Iowa, after teaching a group of 100 absolute beginners using Bridge Basics 1: An Introduction.

Audrey reviews Jock Talk by Beth Noymer Levine, hosts a telephone interview with Denise Hoffman, and introduces the new segment 'Watch Your Language'.

Audrey reviews Punished by Rewards by Alfie Kohn, takes a look at 2 Over 1 Game Force, and gives a special teaching tip.

Audrey reviews The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin, takes a look at The Impact of the Opening Lead Against Notrump Contracts, and looks at a thriving bridge community in Australia.

Audrey reviews On Education by Bertrand Russell, shares a few reasons why Bridge Basics 1 won't let you, or your class down, and looks at a thriving bridge community in Sedona, Arizona.

Audrey reviews Building A Better Teacher by Elizabeth Green, shows an innovative use of bidding boxes, shares some reasons why Five Steps to Simplify the Endplay has been so successful, and visits a thriving bridge club in Newfoundland.